Day 2 – Elimination Diet

Day 2 and things are going good. I’m encouraged and excited to start this new season of my life. There is so much negativity in the world either way you go. Either you are a weirdo for trying to eat clean, or you’re a lazy bum who can’t get disciplined enough to eat clean. Either way you seem to be judged. Ultimately, it’s God’s approval I want. People will always have their opinions, and I will take them and place a value on them. If it has merit, I will consider it. If it doesn’t, then I will just spit out the seeds. I am trying my best to follow the direction that the Lord is taking me.

My diet today consisted of: bacon and a banana for breakfast, lunch was some left over white bean chicken chili and for dinner I’m not very hungry (is this a diet???) so I will be snacking on some roasted sweet potatoes. I am actually enjoying this meal prepping. Now maybe it’s because it is new, but I’m not complaining. I’ll have some (hopefully) yummy pictures to show tomorrow of a blueberry and strawberry crisp for breakfast!

As far as I felt today, I’m not sure that the bacon sat well with my stomach. It was upset this morning, but it calmed down. Still aching but haven’t had to use the essential oils to ease the pain yet. I took a nap with my lil dude for a bit when I got home today, but I didn’t really need to do that. It was more for just snuggle time and I’m used to taking a nap.

In case you are wondering, I am still drinking my coffee and wine. I have my coffee in the morning with So coconut milk as my creamer and raw cane turbinado sugar. I have one to two glasses of red wine a night. I have found that it helps my stomach troubles. I went a few days without it and it started acting up. So I think I’ll stick to the wine. Plus, it helps me relax and it helps me sleep.

Oh and I found out today that I now fit under a new category instead of just “hippie.” I’ve been told that I am now “crunchy.” (Excuse the language in that link.) Thanks to my sis-in-law who informed me of this.

So day 2 is done and I’m still hopeful. Oh, and I lost 3 pounds so far since I’ve started watching what I’m eating last week!! Woop woop!! That’s some good news!

On a different note, my heart and prayers go out to my coworkers who got laid off today. I know the decision was not an easy one for the executive team, so I pray for them, too. I am reminded that we are not here on this earth just to make money, but to give honor and glory to Jesus who is our provider and comforter!


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Easy Blueberry Crisp


Course: Desserts


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5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili


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